Twin River Guard

Links and Resources


Australian Living History Federation - Organisation dealing with re-enactment insurance and legislation
West Australian Medieval Alliance - Promoting Western Australian re-enactment groups

Western Australian Re-Enactment Groups

Balingup Medieval Carnivale - Balingup based SCA group
Grey Company - Perth based, re-enacting Dark Age and Medieval Periods
House Darksun - Barbarian warriors known collectively as House Darksun
Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. (SCA) - Western Australia based, SCA Groups
The Circle of the Sword - Rockingham based alternative theatrical combat group

Merchant Websites

Medieval Fight-Club - Australian arms, armour and accessories supplier
Armstreet - Ukraine based medieval armour, clothing and accessories supplier
Get Dressed for Battle - UK - UK Based arms, armour, clothing and accessories supplier
Raymond's Quiet Press - US Based Historical recreations from Jewelery to helms
The Pillaged Village - US based medieval arms, clothing, feasting and accessories supplier - US Based, wholesale supplier of linen, cotton and blended materials

Costuming Resources

Basic Kit Guide - A good beginner's guide to costume making
Christobel & Peter's Homepage - A collection of historically accurate patterns

Research Resources

Sword Forum International - Discussion forum for all sword enthusiasts; covers all eras and cultures
Thatshim & Indunna's Re-creation Projects - Historical research by Gary & Jennifer Baker
The Viking Answer Lady - Excellent resource relating to many aspects of Viking period life

Legislation Resources

Weapons Regulations 1999 - Western Australian regulations and definitions of re-enactment articles
Weapons Act 1999 - Western Australian weapons act pertaining to reenactment articles