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Midwinter Camping Weekend 2014
(May/June 2014)

Our fourth annual June camping weekend was a roaring success once again with the weather gods showing their approval for the four day event.

Friday was the usual set up followed by hearty stew with many people arriving from the south throughout the night including Grey Company and Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) members.

Saturday morning saw combat training, sparring and melee. After lunch (a fine repast) the combat tournament was held. The tournament was again fought in pairs with five pairs participating. In a closely fought competition that came down to the third pass in a tie-break, Lord William and Lord Damien emerged victorious. A finely contested junior tournament followed with Lord Edward narrowly beating Lady Claire...

Midwinter Camping Weekend 2013
(June 2013)

Again this year we were honoured to host the Midwinter Camping Weekend where along with 16 Grey Company members, Ragnarr of Ravenshold, Olwen of Shelford of the SCA, Ragnvald and Dianne from WAMA ventured North to partake of the hospitality of the Guard for another action packed Medieval weekend.

Continuing to solidify bond between various Western Australian reenactment groups we kicked of the weekend with a few quiet ales and a hearty stew around a roaring campfire. The ales were, of course, were for medicinal purposes in order to dull a few aches and pains from the backbreaking labour of setting up camp. That's my excuse, prove otherwise! ...

Lord Einar's & Lady Sigyn's 10th Anniversary Handfasting
(13th October 2012)

Family and friends of Lord Einar and Lady Sigyn's along with a huge Twin River Guard contingent made their way to the Hampton Arms to witness the renewal of their Handfasting vows made some 10 years hence.

The day began with the setup of a simple campsite including a refreshments marquee, and the usual combat and archery areas. As the day progressed numbers swelled until a respectable group had assembled...

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival
(October 2012)

The Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival 2012 was again a huge event with a great turnout of both participants and spectators.

The Twin River Guard were again firmly ensconced at Maitland Park for this years festivities.

With greater numbers in attendance the TRG again presented well and were a great source of entertainment throughout the first weekend of the 2012 Sunshine Festival.

June Camping Weekend 2012
(June 2012)

Some 20 odd Grey Company members, and Sir Nathan and Lady Catherine of the SCA ventured to the far North in order to partake of the hospitality of the Guard for the June Camping weekend this year.

Specifically tasked with creating bonds between our mutual groups, participants ventured fourth for a long weekend of camping, feasting, archery and combat, and late night revelry around the campfire.

Great quantities of food were consumed throughout the weekend including an amount of bacon (not quite 30Kg's - but close!), unhatched chickens (eggs) and a variety of dead animals. A sumptuous feast was again put on by Brian and his crew at the Hampton Arms Saturday evening, and washed down with ale's, mead and drinks various.

The entire weekend saw combat and training aplenty with the spawning of some light hearted rivalry emerging between the Guard and Grey Co., not to mention a well contested Combat Tournament (won by Damien of Grey Co.) and a closely scored Archery Tournament (won by the Archery Champion) Einar of the TRG, Thea (also TRG) won the childrens division. Arts and Sciences were in abundance with needles going 19 to the dozen by members of all groups.

Grey Co. presented the TRG with some (well needed) gifts, and a small stall was opened where Guard and Company members alike were able to buy and sell some unwanted gear.

From all accounts, everyone who attended had a great time combating against new foes, making new friends and generally meeting folk of a similar mindset. Based on the feedback received, the 2013 June Camping weekend will be even bigger and better than this year - if we wait that long...

Midsummer's Feast
(December 2011)

With tables set, gathering done, hunt complete, animals butchered, and the fermentation finished it was time to turn our thoughts to the finer things of life - to eat, drink and be merry!

Everyone put in a huge effort in feast preparation and it showed with the sheer quality and quantity of food presented at this years Midsummer's Feast. Very well done to all who contributed, even if they were unable to actually attend.

Thane Aesa presented award ribbons to long standing TRG members, and an Award of Service to Lord Einar for his efforts as Sénéchal. Most unusually he was caught completely off guard and speechless!

With full stomachs and drinks a flow we were treated to recitations from Lord Thord, songs from Thane Aesa and Lady Svanhilde and music from Lords' Ralf and Sceadu and Ladies Elswyth, Beomia and Svanhildre.

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival
(October 2011)

The Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival 2011 saw one of the largest crowds yet seen in it's 53 year history.

The Twin River Guard were invited to participate in this years event and proved to be a popular draw card with displays of combat, training, arms and armour and axe & spear throwing.

Interaction with spectators saw many Geraldton folk discover the existence of our humble group and several new members have been added to our growing ranks.

Balingup Medieval Carnivale 2011
(August 2011)

A sizable contingent of Guards made the arduous journey to a far away land to represent the Twin River Guard at the 2011 Balingup Medieval Carnivale.

Friday evening we were welcomed with a feast for Kings and Nobles alike at the Balingup Town Hall. The meats were cooked to perfection and the dessert was something to behold. All of which was washed down with mulled wine, and drinks various.

Saturday and Sunday saw the Carnivale in full swing with hawkers abound purveying all manner of goods to satisfy even the pickiest of buyers. Minstrels aplenty entertained with songs and dance at the main stage throughout the weekend, while combatants fought with all manner of weapons. Members of the TRG ventured into the main arena and crossed swords with members of The Grey Company.

Representatives of both The Grey Company and the SCA have expressed interest in cementing bonds with their Northerly members and plans to host an event here in our homeland will commence in the near future.

Hampton Arms Medieval Feast
(4th June 2011)

More than 20 people, reenactors and civilians alike came together on a damp, drizzly evening to partake in wine, food and song in what turned out to be a better night that we could ever have hoped for.

Warmed by a roaring fire, and the glow of 30 candles Patrons partook in a succulent feast provided by Brian and the staff of the Hampton Arms. Entertainment came in the form of Pass the Parcel (a traditional medieval pastime), with songs from Mistress Catherine d'Arc and Aesa the Black, a viola instrumental by Lady Svanhilde and a recital (and bawdy rhyme) from Lord Thord.

Miscreants who broached the 10 Thou Shall Nots were cast into the stocks where rotten fruit was cast at them until such time as they served their time. How the Hell Lord Thord did not join the throng in the stocks is beyond anyone. Next time Lord Thord, Next time!

Hampton Arms Camping Weekend
(3rd - 6th June 2011)

The weekend of 3rd - 6th June saw 9 campers and as many as 13 TRG and SCA members attend what was an awesome weekend of camping, combat, archery, feasting and song with a very liberal sprinkling of alcohol thrown into the mix.

Saturday morn saw combatants brave the elements as they were put through their paces by a supportive (and very patient) Sir Nathan until such time as the midday meal was served. After which time no-one seemed to be able to tear themselves away from the firepit, and there ensconced with ales a' sundry, spun tales of dubitable truth.

Sunday morn, and somewhat worse for weather (1) after a sumptuous feast, began a day of bending bows where after sufficient practice our first tournament was held and enjoyed by all. Congratulations to our esteemed visitor Sir Nathan Blacktower on his decisive win.

(1) It is rumoured that patrons were suffering from allergic reactions to vegetables, though our apothecary has suggested perchance the quashing of much ale may have been a contributing factor. A theory not bourne by the sots attending said feast!

Hampton Arms Camping Weekend
(12th - 14th November 2010)

The weekend of the 12th - 14th November saw the Twin River Guards' first foray into extended reenactment with the advent of our first camping weekend. For most it was their first taste of doing it rough in a setting somewhat outside their regular camping experience.

Much was learned about our shortcomings during this first reenactment camping weekend, in particular that combat is particularly painful after tying a big one on the night before. Still, an excellent time was had by all attending.

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