Twin River Guard



Combat reenactment is enjoyed by many of our members where various weapons formats and their nuances are taught and practiced under the supervision of our Safety Marshals. More information can be found on our Combat page.


Archery is a sport that is not very physically demanding and, as a result, is enjoyed by almost every member of the Twin River Guard. Practice is predominantly done against static targets at varying ranges.

Our archery is set back to its base format using plain bows free from the modern gadgets, where ones base skills determined if you and your family ate meat or not. More information can be found on our Archery page.

The Arts

Experimental Archeology is the concept of creating a persona (or identity) based on a given period in time.

Combat isnít for everyone, and an important part of reenactment is the act of stepping back into the past and for a while, actually living history. A large part of reenactment is The Arts, where the creation and use of other aspects of history come into their own.

The Arts includes areas such as the creation of Costumes (Garb), Arms & Armour (weapons, maile and plate), Dancing and Feasting (the all important creation and consumption of food).

Combining these facets of reenactment together we have Camping trips where a camp site is established, and our members indulge in a weekend of living history.

During these camping trips, combat tournaments, archery competitions, games and feasting is the order of the day where we forget the rush and stresses of modern society.

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